Willkommen im Hotel Germania
Willkommen im Hotel Germania
Willkommen im Hotel Germania
Willkommen im Hotel Germania
Willkommen im Hotel Germania

Menu Card

At regular intervals, our chef conjures up new culinary delights: regional, Mediterranean, refined creative, vegetarian or seasonal specialities.

On this page we offer you an up-to-date insight into the menu of our restaurant.

To round off our menu, we regularly offer special promotions with which we want to surprise you on the spot. It is therefore worthwhile to drop by regularly at our hospitality.

Let us indulge you with our delicacies!

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Menu Card

Spoonfuls of delicacy

„Germanic“ Soljanka with oven-fresh bread
6,90 €

Fruity tomato soup
with butter croutons and fresh basil
6,90 €

„Schneider's fish stew“ with fresh baguette
small serving 7,50 €
large serving (to fill you up!) 13,90 €

A few little things

Ragout fin with toast wedges
7,90 €

Baked feta cheese cubes on grilled courgette
with olive-tomato skewer and garlic baguette
9,90 €

Baked goat cheese wrapped in ham with fig and mustard dip,
garnished with fresh fruit
10,90 €

Warm smoked salmon rösti with honey-mustard dip
10,90 €

Large starter variation „Germania“,
Delicious German and Mediterranean snacks
19,90 €

Garlic baguette with salad bouquet
3,90 €

Pure vitamins

Small salad of the season with dressing of choice
(yoghurt or vinegar-oil)
6,90 €

Salad platter „Germania“
Mixed salad with fresh vegetables and a choice of
grilled chicken breast, veal liver strips, roast beef, salmon fillet or
salmon fillet or king prawns
19,90 €

„Germania“ - Bowl
fresh seasonal vegetables with colorful lentils, couscous and raspberry vinaigrette
14,90 €
optionally with baked tofu or chicken breast 4,00 €
with cod fillet 6,00 €

Delicacies from river and sea

Fresh cultivated trout meunière from Prignitz „Müllerin Art“
with butter potatoes and a small mixed salad
19,90 €

Fried cod fillet with scampi
on tomato-zucchini vegetables and butter rice
23,90 €

Pike Perch fillet roasted on the skin with roasted black pudding
and potato whip, served with a fresh cucumber salad
21,90 €

Fish variation „Germania“
Pike perch, cod and salmon fillets on Dijon mustard sauce and dill potatoes,
served with a small salad
32,90 €

Fresh out of the pan

Rump steak (250g) with herb butter
with pan-fried vegetables and a jacket potato with sour cream
29,90 €

Entrecote (rib eye steak 300g) on whiskey glace
with princess beans and potato wedges with dip
29,90 €

Roasted pork medallions
with fresh creamed mushrooms and potato croquettes
19,90 €

Original Wiener Schnitzel
with fresh market vegetables and fried potatoes
23,90 €

Roasted calf's liver on stewed apples and onions
on homemade mashed potatoes
18,90 €

Poulard breast (marinated with honey)
on glazed cherry tomatoes and rosemary potatoes
19,90 €

Chicken breast strips with spinach leaves and tagliatelle
18,90 €

„Hüttennudeln“ - pasta with pork tenderloin tips and
crunchy vegetables in tomato-herb cream
18,90 €

Mediterranean stir-fried chicken in a butter rice ring
18,90 €

Wild things

Baked leg of wild boar in red wine sauce
with apple-red cabbage and homemade potato dumpling
21,90 €

Sliced venison with chanterelles
and cranberry cream with buttered spaetzle
21,90 €

Venison medallions with cranberry cream
with creamed chanterelles and potato rösti
32,90 €

Without meat for a change

Tubular noodles with crispy pan-fried vegetables
and melted feta cheese
18,90 €

Potato and courgette rösti
with feta cheese on a salad bouquet
18,90 €

For our little guests

Chicken nuggets with fine carrots and fries (chips)
8,90 €

Breaded chasseur sausage with tomato sauce and pasta
8,90 €

Chocolate yeast dumplings with hot cherries sauce
7,90 €

or a „robber's plate“,
you plunder from your family's dishes at the table
0,00 €

For adult „robbers“ we charge an additional € 4.00.

Our snacks starting at 6.00 p.m.

Rustic Prignitz Brotzeit
Sausage and ham specialities from our local butcher
garnished with sour pickled vegetables
served with fresh bread and butter
18,90 €

Cheese board „Ackerbürgerin Matilde“
Various cheese specialities with fresh bread and butter
18,90 €

A sweet conclusion

„Our Best“ - the most popular desserts as variations
14,90 €

Chocolate mousse
with fresh fruit and cream decoration
8,90 €

Créme Brûlée - the classic
with 1 scoop of Bourbon vanilla ice cream
8,90 €

Homemade Nougat Parfait
garnished with brittle and cream
8,90 €

Freshly baked waffle with hot cherries sauce
and whipped cream
8,90 €

Freshly baked waffle + 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
with hot cherries sauce and whipped cream
10,90 €

You can find more desserts on our ice cream menu.

We will be happy to change the side dish for you!
Please contact our service staff.

On request, we will also be happy to serve you
our main courses as a senior portion.
For these we will charge you 2.00 € less per serving.

We wish you bon appétit!